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Exotic bird of Tambopata in the high water season

The Most Exotic Birds in High-Water Tambopata

Tambopata is an Amazonian region in southeastern Peru, known for its bird biodiversity. During the...
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the biodiversity of Manu

Five Reasons To Visit Manu National Park

A Visit to Manu National Park stands out for its biodiversity. If you are a...
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The Capybara in Peru: Amazon’s Biggest Rodent

The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, its height can go up to...
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Cusco or Cuzco? A Historical Review

Which is the correct way to write the ancient inca’s capital, Cusco or Cuzco? A...
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The white throated toucan.

The White-Throated Toucan

The white-throated toucan is a South American member of the Ramphastidae family, widely distributed throughout...
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Learn about the Black Caiman in Peru.

The Black Caiman in Peru Amazon

Did you know that current species of crocodiles and alligators are considered close relatives of...
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The Temple of the Moon or Amaru Markawasi.

The Temple of The Moon in Cusco

Are you tired of visiting the same places all the time? I recommend you visit...
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A Harpy Eagle photographed by the side.

The Harpy Eagle in the Amazon, Peru

The Harpy Eagle is one of the most sought after species for avid birdwatchers for...
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Manu National Park Zones.

Manu National Park Zones: A Definitive Guide

Manu’s National Park is an investigation center and also a touristic destiny in Peru, it’s...
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