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A tourist stares at the Cusco Cathedral

The Cathedral of Cusco: All the Facts you need to Know

Welcome to the heart of Cusco, where history, culture, and spirituality converge in the magnificent...
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Many decorational cords with Cusquenian motifs.

Cusco Traditional Markets, History, Location and Tips

A notable aspect of Peruvian culture lies in its vibrant markets, and Cusco is no...
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Myths of the amazon rainforest.

The 5 Most Popular Myths of the Amazon Rainforest

The lush layers of the Peruvian Amazon not only house its rich biodiversity but also...
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Many Peruvian and Northamerican bills.

The Complete Guide to Currency in Peru

Embark on a journey with Peru Amazon trips to find out where the resilience of...
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Pachacuti's statue on top of the fountain that's located in the middle of Cusco's main plaza.

Inca Pachacuti: The Ninth Inca Ruler and his Myth Unveiled

In the annals of Inca history, the ninth ruler stands out as a formidable warrior,...
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A group of kids raised in the Amazon's rainforest wearing their custom indumentaries.

Youth Conservationists and Protected Natural Areas: Miniguides and Tambopata’s Nature

As part of initiatives to raise awareness about the environment and promote the importance of...
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A common landscape that is found in the Amazon's rainforest.

Amazon Unearthed: The Astonishing Find of a Forgotten City

An international team of scientists has uncovered an extensive network from an Amazon forgotten city,...
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Protecting the Amazon

Protecting the Amazon Forest in Peru: How You Can Make a Difference

With its breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity, the Amazon rainforest in Peru is undoubtedly a...
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A condor flies over the Red mountains range that surround Vinicunca.

Rainbow Mountain Tour: A challenging hike to Vinicunca

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime in Cusco? Look no further than...
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