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The Most Exotic Birds in High-Water Tambopata

Exotic bird of Tambopata in the high water season

Tambopata is an Amazonian region in southeastern Peru, known for its bird biodiversity. During the high water season, you can see some exotic and unique species. Here are some of the most exotic birds that can be found in Tambopata during this time.

Harpy Eagle

It is one of the largest hunting birds in the world and is in danger of extinction. When the waters rise, these birds descend from the treetops to hunt easier prey. 

The adult female can grow to be more than 1 meter long and weigh up to 8 kg. The male, on the other hand, is smaller, measuring approximately 96 cm. Long and weighs from 5 kg to 6 kg. Because of its large, pointed beak,


Also known as  the “punk pheasant bird”, it is a unique bird for its ability to digest leaves and for its clawed fingers on its wings. It is easier to visualize during flood waters, especially when it perches on bushes near water.

This bird emits curious guttural sounds and makes a noisy flapping of wings when flying, this is due to the peculiar structure of its wings.

The Rainbow Buco (Bucco capensis)

Despite its small size, this bird stands out for its plumage. Their feathers display reflective metallic colors ranging from emerald green to violet, blue and bright red, the colors will depend on the angle of the light. 

Both the male and the female sport this dazzling scale of hues. Its curved and robust beak allows it to hunt insects and small vertebrates.

Cock of the Rocks

The males of this species are truly stunning with their intense orange feathers that contrast with the black of the rest of their plumage. Their courtship reveal is a one-off show, where they perform jumps and displays over rocks and boulders while making loud vocalizations. Females are more inconspicuous, somber-toned.

Being able to observe the behaviors and adaptations of these birds in their flooded natural environment is truly extraordinary in Tambopata during the flooding waters


In conclusion, Tambopata in the Peruvian Amazon is truly a paradise for those who love to see birds during the high water season. This time of year turns the region into a unique, flooded habitat where some of the world’s most exotic and unique species become more accessible.

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